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Los Angeles, CA - Long Beach, CA

We are centrally located, in the heart of Los Angeles. Centrally located, you can easily get to us from any area of the Valley and the beaches. Our online store offers pickup for orders (to save you shipping), as well as local FREE delivery for orders over $100 (within our 7 mile radius zone).  Please email us for details or questions, or look for us on the shelves of gourmet grocers and watch our Facebook for pop up locations near you! With love, Chef Suzette

chef suzette

CEO and Founder;

Certified Nutritionist  

A quest for a better brownie led founder Chef Suzette to open her own all-natural bakery. Having been one of the top prolific food writers in magazines throughout Southern California for over five years and as a trained pastry chef in France, Suzette had great success selling her vegan treats at Farmer's Markets.

Tired of the same old boring gluten-free coffee shops in Los Angeles and disappointed with limited options for "vegan" and "raw" bakery treats, Suzette decided to open her own natural bakery and make it truly gourmet. Her goal was to make bakery treats which not only tasted good, but were good for your body, providing healthy herbs, minerals and protein.

After experimenting with a blend of different herbs and flours from around the world, Suzette was finally satisfied with her unique blend of healthy hemp, flax, rice protein and ancient herbs, to make the BEST vegan protein powder ever: Eternity Protein Blend.

This "Eternity Protein" is what makes Eternity Bakery taste so good while giving your body all the herbal benefits. Our brownies and bars have over 8g of protein, to help energize and restore your body!!

Eternity Bakery is dedicated to using suppliers who share our belief in sustainability, transparency, purity, ethical farming and quality organics.

We use nothing artificial, only the finest gourmet ingredients of the highest standards. As many of our loyal fans have told us, "You can taste the purity and quality!" We are expanding our sphere of retailers; check our Facebook page or this website in the coming weeks for more local grocers carrying our fabulously functional & healthy treats!!  -- Thank you!!


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